Welcome to our "Developer Spotlight" series, where we ask app developers for their insights and advice. This time, we spoke to Kelvin, one of Morrow's developers. Kelvin has contributed to some fantastic client projects, like Avid Gaming, Levrx and No Worries.

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What's your favourite framework, and why?

"I love Supabase. It makes it so easy to get a full-featured backend up and running. It exposes the power of PostgreSQL and encourages a new way of programming. Functions that would typically be implemented by a backend API are often implemented as database functions in Supabase. I am currently migrating a client project from an AWS backend to Supabase, and the productivity gains have been tremendous."

What's your favourite React Native library, and why?

"I'm quite fond of Solito. I like the abstraction that it provides over the navigation patterns for React Native and NextJS, which allows me to more easily share code between the platforms while still having the benefits offered by each platform."

What's a must-have for any app developer?

"I've been finding ChatGPT to be a useful companion while coding. I use it for things like generating small functions and types for objects. It's also quite useful for refactoring. It offers similar benefits to Github's Copilot, but at a price of free, it's hard to beat!"

What advice would you give someone who's just started as a developer?

"Build stuff and keep learning. Building projects, especially in public, is a great way to show your skills, which can generate employment opportunities."

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