Welcome to our new series, "Developer Spotlight", where we chat with developers about their favourite frameworks, libraries, and apps and ask for advice for someone just starting out.

This time, we spoke to Costas, Morrow's senior developer. Costas has been the heart and soul of Morrow's team since 2019, and has worked on brilliant projects, like Ownable, SoleRetriever, Celestion's Horn Wizard and Kura. He's also written many great development tutorials, which you can find on our blog page.

What's your favourite framework? 

"Expo with EAS services is my preferred framework. It's like React-Native on steroids, complete with batteries. It's the optimal choice for building React-Native applications quickly, easily, and reliably."

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What's your favourite React Native library?

"React-Navigation is my favoured React-Native library. Its wide usage speaks volumes. It not only offers platform-specific components but is also highly customisable and extensible. With the latest Expo file-based router, it's even more user-friendly."

What's a must-have for any app developer?

"A proficient code editor or IDE is a must for any developer. I wouldn't write a single line of code without Webstorm and its Github Copilot extension. A good code editor/IDE should facilitate easy code review, refactoring, and navigation."

What's your favourite app and why?

"My favourite mobile application is Gmail, which is the base of my work/life organising. I'm not only waiting for external emails to reach my inbox but also email myself with tasks, to-do lists, ideas to explore, articles to read, and a ton of other things. All gathered up in my inbox for further processing."

What advice would you give someone who's just started as a developer?

"I have two pieces of advice. First, maintain an enjoyable pet project that allows you to experiment and learn new things. Second, engage in an "analogue" hobby like arts, athletics, or cooking to take breaks from the screen. Be aware of burnout; it's just around the corner."

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