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"The Morrow team members brought a level of Expo-specific expertise, experience, and tools the to the table that we could not have matched with our regular staff. All project deliverables were on time and within budget."
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Brendan Harnett   |   HealthTech Company
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When innovative companies need Expo support, they turn to Morrow.

Our team of Expo developers provide expert advice and guidance to teams at every stage of the project lifecycle.

From bug fixes to technical consultation and full project builds, our Expo specialists can help keep your project on track – cutting costs, accelerating timelines, and effortlessly clearing development bottlenecks.

Trusted by teams and founders globally, we’re on hand to support your Expo projects from initial idea through to eventual launch and beyond.

We're more than just troubleshooters; we strengthen and enhance projects, giving your team the time and freedom to focus on their strengths, while we handle the complexities.

If you have an Expo issue you’d like us to help with, get in touch today.

The key ways we can support you

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Full project build
We have successfully built dozens of projects on the Expo platform and can do the same for you. If your business has an idea to bring to life, we’re here to help you make it a reality.
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Development support
We regularly provide on-demand support for teams facing Expo issues. Whether you're looking to integrate custom native code into your app or migrate your project to the latest version of the Expo SDK our team can help.
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Get talent faster
If you need Expo developers on your project without the hassle and expense of employing them, we have talent ready and waiting to get started on a project basis.
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What other teams say about Morrow

"There was always clarity about what was happening, so I could trust them to get on with it."
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Anil Vaitla   |  Head of Engineering, NOCD Inc
"They have strong React skills, they work with Expo, their rates were reasonable, and their flexibility was perfect."
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Roger Martin   |  VP of Engineering, Avid Gaming
"It was hard to not be impressed by the team's deep technical expertise."
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Shaun Gabriel   |  CTO, Kura

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Plugin for Expo

(Part of Expo's Official Plugin List)

Now supports Expo SDK 50

WatermelonDB is a native package that lets you make your app offline first, so it works without using the Internet. The issue with WatermelonDB is that you can't use it with an Expo-managed workflow.

To fix this issue, we created a WatermelonDB plugin, which automatically does the initial configuration and allows you to use WatermelonDB with the Expo build system EAS.