Expo App Audit

£2000 + VAT / $2500

Enhance your Expo app with a comprehensive audit

At Morrow, we understand a seamless and efficient app's crucial role in your business success. Our Expo App Audit service is meticulously designed to ensure your app performs at its peak, delivering an exceptional user experience and robust functionality.

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Why choose Morrow's Expo audit?

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We’re official Expo partners!
Morrow is a trusted Expo partner
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Compliance and standards
We’ll ensure your app adheres to the standards and best practices, keeping it up-to-date and compliant with relevant regulations.
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Expert analysis
Our team of seasoned developers brings years of experience in Expo app development. We leverage this expertise to provide in-depth analysis and tailored solutions
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Performance optimisation
We check your app for performance bottlenecks and offer strategies to enhance speed and responsiveness, ensuring users enjoy a flawless experience.
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User Experience Improvements
Our audit includes a comprehensive review of your app’s usability. We provide insights to refine your app’s interface and interaction design, making it intuitive and engaging for your users.

Ready to Elevate Your App?

Partner with Morrow to transform your Expo app into a high-performing, secure, and user-friendly solution.
Fill out our Expo audit form and take the first step towards app excellence.

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What’s included in our Expo app audit?

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Detailed audit report
Receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings, complete with clear, actionable recommendations for improvement.
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Performance metrics
Gain access to key performance indicators and metrics that highlight your app’s current state and potential areas for enhancement.
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Improve user satisfaction with expert advice on refining your app’s design and usability.

Why choose Morrow?

A full-stack firm founded by engineers for engineers, we’re trusted partners to Expo, Supabase, and Netlify. With a focus on the React Native and Expo ecosystem, we've ideated, built, and scaled apps at pace for everyone from startups to large PLCs.
"They have strong React skills, they work with Expo, their rates were reasonable, and their flexibility was perfect."
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Roger Martin  |   VP of Engineering, Avid Gaming
"There was always clarity about what was happening, so I could trust them to get on with it."
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Anil Vaitla |   Head of Engineering, NOCD Inc
"It was hard to not be impressed by the team's deep technical expertise."
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Shaun Gabriel  |   CTO, Kura