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Here at Morrow, we love Open Source, it’s at the heart of everything we do. From the frameworks we use, like Expo and React Native, to the third-party libraries we integrate into our apps, they all benefit from being Open-Source.

As well as building our applications off of Open-Source foundations, we also like to contribute and give back to the development community. We do this through our own projects and by supporting various projects either financially or through contributions from our team.

Our Open-Source Projects

Our expert team of React Native developers has worked on many Open-Source projects over the years. Our most succesful Open-Source projects are a plugin for WatermelonDB, which allows users to use it with React Native Expo, and our OTA manager, which allows users to easily manage OTA updates.

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Plugin for Expo

(Part of Expo's Official Plugin List)

Now supports Expo SDK 50

WatermelonDB is a native package that lets you make your app offline first, so it works without using the Internet. The issue with WatermelonDB is that you can't use it with an Expo-managed workflow.

To fix this issue, we created a WatermelonDB plugin, which automatically does the initial configuration and allows you to use WatermelonDB with the Expo build system EAS.

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Expo OTA Manager

Expo has a feature that allows you to deliver Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates to your mobile app. You can use this feature to quickly fix bugs or add new features to your app without waiting for the App Store review process.

However, using the default behaviour may not always be the best option for a project. Expo provides the expo-updates package, which allows you to control how and when your app checks for updates. But this requires some extra work.

That's where the expo-ota-manager comes to the rescue. It is a simple package that allows you to easily manage the Over-The-Air (OTA) updates of your app without having to worry about the details of the expo-updates package.

Open-Source Projects We Support

Here are the Open-Source projects we currently support.

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ReactVision (Viro) is a library for developers to rapidly build augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

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Got an Open-Source Project We Should Support?

Got an Open-Source project we should support?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open-Source?

A. Open-Source refers to software projects where the original code is made available to the public and may be re-distributed or modified by anyone.

How does the Open-Source model benefit developers and users?

A. For developers, the Open-Source model offers opportunities to collaborate, learn from shared code, and contribute to projects. It encourages innovation and skill development. For users, it means increased trust, customisation, and a more robust, community-supported software ecosystem. Bugs are often identified and fixed more quickly due to the collective effort of the community.

I have an Open-Source project. Can I get Morrow to sponsor it?

A. Yes! Every year, we choose a handful of projects to sponsor. If you have a project you think is unique and interesting, reach out to us at hello@themorrow.digital stating "Open-Source" in the subject line.