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"Their commitment to producing clean and well-architected code assets for long term maintainability is impressive"
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Jon Lester  |   Senior Developer, Ownable

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When innovative companies need Supabase expertise, they turn to Morrow.

Morrow is a longstanding Supabase partner that has been using its platform since early 2022. We've seen the platform go from strength to strength and become the ultimate choice for developers looking for a scaleable and reliable backend-as-a-service.

Whether you're looking to build something new from the ground up, migrate your existing backend to Supabase, or get support with an existing Supabase setup, our team of experts can help. Our best-in-class engineers can help keep your project on track, cutting costs, accelerating timelines, and effortlessly clearing development bottlenecks.

Trusted by organisations and founders globally, we're more than just troubleshooters; we strengthen and enhance projects, empowering your team to focus on their strengths while we handle the complexities.

If you need a team of Supabase experts by your side then look no further and book a call with us today.

The key ways we can support your Supabase project

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Full project build
We have successfully built dozens of applications that rely on Supabase and can do the same for you. If your business has an idea to bring to life, we’re here to help you make it a reality.
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On-going support
Through our flexible retainer packages we provide on-going support for teams looking to get the most out of their Supabase infrastructure. Whether you're looking to make use of serverless functions or implement robust RLS policies you can rely on Morrow.
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Migrate to Supabase
Morrow has a proven track record of helping companies move from expensive and hard to maintain infrastructure over to Supabase, improving application up-time, reducing maintenance overheads and enabling a more scaleable backend built for growth.
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What our clients say about Morrow

"Morrow's project management was first class."
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Simon Wilsher  |  Founder & CEO, TicketSource
"They have strong React skills, they work with Expo, their rates were reasonable, and their flexibility was perfect."
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Roger Martin   |  VP of Engineering, Avid Gaming
"It was hard to not be impressed by the team's deep technical expertise."
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Shaun Gabriel   |  CTO, Kura

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supabase?

A. Supabase is a versatile backend solution that simplifies database management. It offers powerful features while maintaining ease of use. It integrates seamlessly with Postgres and provides a user-friendly interface through Supabase Studio, making it accessible to developers of varying skill levels.

What are the main advantages of using Supabase over other backend solutions for app development?

A. The main advantages of Supabase over other backend solutions include its seamless integration with Postgres, user-friendly interface via Supabase Studio, and comprehensive authentication and user management features. We love using the Supabase Platform because it's very scalable, flexible and adaptable. It takes the hassle out of having to deploy and host the backend infrastructure of hosting and provides storage which sits on AWS S3.

Why use Supabase instead of PostgreSQL?

A. Supabase streamlines the intricacies of Postgres while retaining its robust capabilities, presenting an intuitive interface via Supabase Studio. This dashboard offers a table view akin to a spreadsheet, ensuring accessibility for users regardless of their database expertise.

How do I know Supabase is right for my project?

A. Every project is different, and the most suitable backend for your specific app will depend on various factors. During the discovery call, we will consider your project's database requirements, scalability needs and your in-house developer expertise level to determine which backend works best for you.