Full Stack
Technical Strategy

Insightful, forward-thinking software planning to help you refine, define and grow.

The hard truth is that CTOs, engineering managers and technical co-founders rarely have the time or specialist knowledge required to create a detail-orientated software plan.

Just three or four missteps quickly add up and result in developer inefficiency, missed deadlines and investor woe.

At Morrow, we work collaboratively with clients to identify the most pressing technology issues and build clarity for future development.

Our work helps you navigate four crucial areas: audit, frontend, backend and process. Let’s explore.

A React Native Developer developing an app

Full Stack App Audits

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Step one is getting a clear picture of what’s wrong, right, or just plain weird in your current technology setup. Our process is straightforward: we look at all the code, interview developers, review technologies choices and create a prioritised list of recommended actions that we’d take in your position.

A full-stack audit isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a two-way street where your specific needs and our expertise coalesce. The best bit is that there is usually some low-hanging fruit you can act on straight away.

Book a call to request a free app audit.

We can help you uncover:

  • Historic technical debt

  • Unnecessarily high-risk approaches

  • High-value opportunities to improve

  • Code smells

  • Legacy dependencies

Frontend Apps

Strategic Planning for React Native

With modern app development, it’s easy to get started. But complex work requires years of experience to get right. Problem areas often occur around third-party dependencies, performance optimisation, attribution tracking and native navigation.

React Native is the future of multi-platform apps, but many teams fail to realise the opportunities. At Morrow, we bridge the gap between engineering insight and C-level product strategy.

Collaborate with us to:

  • Optimise UI performance

  • Evaluate third-party libraries

  • Harmonise the build chain

  • Navigate complex hardware integrations

  • Reduce coupling and interdependencies

Once the strategy is aligned, clients often ask us to help execute the plan using our development service.

Backend Services - Supabase, Netlify and Vercel

Modernising for a serverless world - Supabase, Netlify and Vercel

Today stakeholders expect more from software than ever before. In addition, modern ecosystems offer development teams more choice and responsibility. The result: strategic decisions have an outsized impact on business outcomes. High-growth forces teams to rush these decisions, and it’s all too easy to get into a tangled mess.

Tech-savvy firms are increasingly moving to Jamstack and serverless architectural approaches to combat that mess. Get it right, and you can reduce overheads, remove growth blockers and speed up time-to-market. Get it wrong, and you can lose data, damage user trust and cause mass churn.

Morrow’s policy is to break down migration stages into discrete actions and de-couple as much infrastructure as possible. Let us help you navigate the pitfalls and build a technology stack fit for tomorrow.

Work with us if you’d like to:

  • Deploy to iOS, Android and Web

  • Use a single team and a single codebase

  • Get new releases to market faster than traditional approaches

  • Massively improve UI performance over web-based solutions

  • Ensure your web apps are “app store ready” without

Process Optimisation

Quality, efficiency, joy - baked into your methodology

Process creation isn’t the most exciting part of software development, but it does offer long-term compound benefits. There is a lot to consider, from linting rules and pull request checklists to CI/CD automation and over-the-air app releases.

We help clients realise the tangible value of creating and maintaining automated processes across the development life cycle. This isn’t just about business efficiency; developers also receive a psychological benefit. By adopting developer experience (DX) design tactics, we can help teams focus on the bits they enjoy and automate the rest away.

Morrow can advise on:

  • Code quality and testing tools

  • Automated publishing, release

  • Error monitoring

  • Git workflows

  • Improving developer outcomes

Joining all the dots

Not sure if our technical strategy service is for you?

Book a call with Oliver, Morrow's managing director, who can advise if the service would be suitable for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this service suitable for me?

A. This service works best for venture-backed startups and scale-ups where technological success is essential to the core business. If tech is crucial to your model and you have the budget to back it up, we’re for you.

Q. What is the typical investment?

A. Pricing varies a lot depending on the project, book a call, and we can guide you through that. We’ll require a few 2-3 hours sessions with your technical leaders. You also need commitment, you will be challenged, and there may be some uncomfortable truths. If you’re not ready to hear them, you may be too early for this type of service.

Q. Won’t my technical lead already have solved these problems?

A. Your technical lead will have likely partially solved some of these challenges already, but there will be gaps. There are two significant reasons for this shortfall. One is that many tech leads are ‘heads in the code’ and don’t have the time or inclination to step back and think strategically. The other is ‘proximity bias’ - your engineers are too close to the problem to challenge the status quo.

Q. What if my problem isn’t a technical one?

A. Sometimes, product strategy issues masquerade as technical problems. If that’s the case, you may benefit from our UX Design and Product Strategy service. For topics outside of our expertise, we’ll try to refer you to a specialist in our network. We’ll always be transparent about problems - there’s not much reason to sweep them under the carpet.

Q. What if I disagree with the results?

A. Good. We find constructive friction helps get everyone on the same page quicker. Morrow doesn’t have a monopoly on the truth. This service works by pairing our expertise with your current context. There may be approaches we recommend that you choose not to adopt, and that’s completely fine.