React Native Multi-Platform App Development

Robust and beautiful user interfaces that engage and delight on iOS, Android and the web.

Whether you’re still at ideation or have an existing underperforming app, Morrow’s specialist team of React Native developers can help.

The world of apps is incredibly competitive, with over 3000 apps published per day. Driving revenue, augmenting your other offerings or pioneering a new service - whatever your goal, users expect the world.

Zero downtime, lag-free interactions, UI glitches, privacy controls, regular updates - the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ has never been so comprehensive - and so crucial to get right.

Our expertise extends across many boundaries: from initial product build to React Native recovery and scaleup retainers. Read on for the detail.

React Native code shown on screen

Scaleup Retainers

A dedicated team to realise your growth ambitions

Revenue, investment or budget sign-off, once cash injects into your business, you have a limited window of opportunity. Unless you already have a fully trained team in place, it can be easy to miss the boat through lengthy hiring processes or missing specialist knowledge.

High-growth scaleups such as Koodos and Sole Retriever are choosing to de-risk team-building. By partnering with Morrow, your app can utilise a team of expert developers, tech leads, and project managers who already maintain their best practices and work well together.

We help accelerating teams outpace their competitors with:

  • Retained specialist React Native and Jamstack expertise on tap

  • A fully managed development service that leaves you free

  • Battled-test best practices that come baked into our ethos

  • Scalable engineering teams that meet business demand

  • A heuristic service that pairs with Full Stack
    Technical Strategy

React Native App Recovery

Existing codebases need to be made future-friendly

In the world of apps, stasis is not an option. From defunct frameworks like Ionic or Xamarin to ageing React Native projects, if you’re not keeping ahead - then you are falling behind. When technical debt builds up, it can become arduous to build new features and utterly debilitate product roadmaps!

At Morrow, our production-hardy React Native architecture is the answer. Our industry-backed approach allows us to fix legacy projects and ensure they are fit for the future.

Our service covers:

  • Correcting pervasive UI bugs and performance issues

  • Refactoring React Native codebases to eliminate technical debt and provide a scalable architecture

  • Converting to modern development methods such as TypeScript

  • Fixing React Native build issues and automated manual processes

  • Migrating from legacy frameworks such as Ionic and Xamarin

Building Mobile Software for iOS, Android and Web

Barebones Minimum Viable Product or full-featured enterprise platforms, we can build it.

Category leaders typically find they need to be on iOS, Android and Web to compete and dominate in their sector. However, as recently as 2019, conventional advice would suggest that three platforms mean three different codebases and three different teams.

Since 2019, Morrow has been using React Native for Web to pioneer a new way to deliver robust and beautiful apps to all three platforms using a single codebase and a single team. The commercial advantage of being ‘everywhere’ is invaluable for sector-leading projects. Even if your MVP is web-only, investors love that it’s ‘app store ready’.

Morrow’s multi-platform approach allows you to:

  • Deploy to iOS, Android and Web

  • Use a single team and a single codebase

  • Get new releases to market faster than traditional approaches

  • Massively improve UI performance over web-based solutions

  • Ensure your web apps are “app store ready” without

Building the Apps of Tomorrow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the multi-platform approach risky?

A. In short, no. React Native is very well established and used by leading apps like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, Twitter has been using React Native for Web since 2017. Our approach can significantly de-risk projects by reducing broad dependencies on the myriad of technologies otherwise needed. We keep a list of web-friendly React Native libraries that we know work well in multi-platform environments.

Q. What about Flutter? How does that compare?

A. Flutter isn’t bad and works well for hobby projects. However, for professional software, it has a few gaping caveats. Firstly, there is no support for Over-The-Air deployment, meaning delays in the app store release mechanisms. The web version of Flutter writes directly to canvas instead of DOM, resulting in poor performance. You can read more in our blog post here:

Q. Will you work with my existing developers?

A. Yes, most of our projects involve collaborating with developers from all parts 
of the business. We’re a friendly bunch and happy to work alongside competent teams. However, we do need jurisdiction over our portion of the tech stack. 
Our clients love working with us because we enact change and make decisions; we won’t write code blindly.

Q. How do you price projects?

A. Most of our projects are retainer-based so that decision-making can evolve organically as development unfolds. However, some clients prefer to work fixed-price, and we can accommodate that if the scope is locked down and due diligence completed.

Q. Does SEO work for the web portion?

A. Yep. Often, we plugin Next.js to server-side render the web deployment.
That means search engine crawling works, and we can perform additional web optimisations.

Q. What is React Native?

A. React Native is an open-source framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React Native allows developers to write mobile apps that are cross-platform, meaning they can be run on both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. This saves you precious time and money, so you can get your app on app stores before the competition!