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A digital platform connecting patients, payers, providers and pharmacies.

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The Levrx Platform streamlines healthcare by connecting payers, providers, pharmacies, and patients digitally. One prescription at a time, it enhances the healthcare experience, maximises savings, and supports the health and well-being of people.

Improving the healthcare experience,
one prescription at a time

Morrow's strategic intervention proved to be instrumental in resolving Levrx's pressing challenge while also strengthening the platform's foundation for future growth. The move to Expo 49 was executed flawlessly, and with improved reliability in OTA installations, it showcases the exceptional teamwork between Levrx's vision and Morrow's technical expertise.

The result?

Since the beginning of Levrx collaboration with Morrow, the app has undergone notable improvements, including more dependable OTA installations on Apple devices, full support for Expo 49, and improved app performance.

As a result, the Levrx platform continues to thrive, connecting healthcare organisations and fostering a cohesive ecosystem that puts patient care and wellness first.

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