Full Stack Technical Strategy: Ettos

A digital platform designed to simplify sustainable sourcing in the fashion industry.

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Say hello to Ettos

Ettos emerged as a groundbreaking solution to address a critical issue in the fashion industry – transparency in sourcing and sustainability. The visionary founders, Adriana and Gianni, who also run the sustainable manufacturing company Lyfcycle, shared a deep-seated commitment to revolutionising how brands and suppliers track material origins and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) claims.

Driven by their passion for change, they embarked on a journey to turn their vision into a digital reality.

Collaboration with Morrow

Recognising a development partner's pivotal role, the founders chose Morrow without hesitation to lead the Ettos project.

“What sets Morrow apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service, technical expertise, and genuine dedication to understanding and executing our vision. After our previous collaborations, it was a no-brainer that we would use Morrow again to lead the Ettos project.” - Gianni Romano, co-founder of Ettos

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Technology that pushes the boundaries

Morrow's technical prowess played a critical role in bringing Ettos to life. We meticulously tailored the technology stack to ensure the delivery of a cutting-edge, scalable, and user-friendly product.

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Enabling Transparency and Change

The successful collaboration between Ettos and Morrow has led to a sleek digital product which allows businesses to cultivate trust by showcasing transparency throughout their supply chain and meeting consumer expectations for honesty. It simplifies intricate data by centralising information into an accessible web app, enabling a 'one source of truth' dashboard for smooth management.

Through Ettos, businesses can establish and oversee Digital Product Passports, ensuring compliance with regulations and engaging consumers whilst monitoring environmental and ethical claims in real-time across the entire supply chain.

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Kura, re-imaging the school commute for a connected world.

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Making a Next Gen app requires more than just development.

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