It's no secret that creating a thriving marketplace involves navigating through a myriad of intricate decisions. From determining the revenue model – like deciding when the operator takes their cut of a sale, whether at the point of purchase or a later date – to understanding the complex dynamics of the merchant of record (store operator or vendor), every step demands careful consideration. On top of these operational questions, there's the age-old dilemma of whether to build everything from scratch or utilise a third-party platform.

Here at Morrow, we've built our fair share of marketplaces over the years and marketplace development continues to be a key part of our business. Our team is always looking for ways to speed up development without compromising on the quality of the end product of its underlying code base.

Discovering Swell

When building our first marketplace a few years ago, we discovered Swell, an innovative eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to create highly customisable and feature-rich online stores. Swell gave us all the backend functionality we needed to build a marketplace, and if we needed to customise any of the standard Swell functionality, we had the freedom to do so.

With Swell, we didn't need to build the backend of our marketplaces from scratch. This helped speed up development times without compromising on our client's requirements and the quality of the end product. 

With Swell and our expert engineering team, we found the ultimate marketplace development solution.

Then our friends at AppLaunch launched MarketLaunch, and our marketplace development approach took another huge leap forward.

The Introduction of MarketLaunch

a screenshot of MarketLaunch

Last month we were very excited by the launch of MarketLaunch, a new development starter-kit for building marketplaces. This Starter-kit takes things to a whole new level by providing all the vendor functionality pre-built. This includes onboarding, order management and product management.

By using MarketLaunch to build a marketplace, our team can focus on developing an exceptional storefront experience knowing all the back office functionality is already built and ready to go. The result is being able to build and launch a new marketplace even quicker than before but still without compromising on requirements or quality.

If you want to build a new marketplace, we recommend using MarketLaunch as your starting point. If you need help building your marketplace, look no further; Morrow is both Swell and MarketLaunch development partners. Contact us here.

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