Multi-Platform App Development: Ownable

A complete digital overhaul for Ownable as they re-create shopping for pleasure in the age of ubiquitous e-commerce.

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to Ownable

Ownable’s mission is to revolutionise the way we discover and purchase products online. They do this by pairing expert-curated lists - such as those written by journalists and influencers - with advanced recommendation algorithms.

A User Experience that enthrals

When you know what to buy, you know where to go, but when you don’t, where do you go?

Ownable’s vision was to put that retail therapy feeling at the forefront of the online browsing experience.

We collaborated with brand agency The Clearing to create a silky-smooth and undemanding user interface—the digital equivalent of gently wandering through a department store.

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Presence is everything

We took the extra steps needed to meet the user in their place of comfort and device of choice. So the app comes to them, whether they’re on iOS, Android or Web.

A dynamic three-panel layout provides consistency across every screen size, from the smallest phones to the widest desktops.

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Technology that pushes the boundaries

Building an app isn’t just about attracting and retaining users. It’s also about creating a valuable digital asset that can drive revenue for the future.

With that in mind, we chose to use React Native for Web, allowing deployment to all platforms from a single codebase.

The result?
Less code to maintain, a faster time to market and a small but highly specialised dev team.

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Standards that scale

The app looks beautiful on the inside too. TypeScript, Clean Architecture and strong linting standards mean the code is robust and easy to scale.

We leverage Expo for automated deployment, so new features land simultaneously on all platforms in under three minutes, bypassing the app store waiting times.

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Results for investors to write home about

A rock-solid execution has resulted in significant new user acquisition and revenue growth.

By pairing fluid UX design with technical expertise, Ownable is well-positioned to exceed investor expectations and delight users in the fast-changing e-commerce landscape.

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Making a Next Gen app requires more than just development.

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