Welcome to our Developer Spotlight series! This time we spoke to Gray, Morrow's React Native developer. Gray joined our talented team in 2021, and has contributed to numerous impressive projects, including Hexsos.

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What's your favourite framework, and why?

"It might sound biased as this is the framework I use at work, but I think React Native is a game changer and my current favourite. It's really neat that you can develop an app for iOS, Android, and even Web now in one codebase. On top of that, learning it is easy if you already use React for Web apps."

What's your favourite React Native library, and why?

"My current favourite is a gem. It's called Tamagui. It might be overwhelming to learn because it's a different way of styling your components, and it's a relatively new library, so there's not a lot of reference currently. When you get the gist of it, it will be very helpful. I can't wait to see what the developer community will contribute to this library in the future."

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What's a must-have for any app developer?

"One of the must-have traits of a developer is patience. There are times when errors or bugs can be really tricky, and tracing down their cause is tedious. So you need a lot of patience in order to fix them."

What advice would you give someone who's just started as a developer?

"My only advice to someone who has just started developing is to learn from people, especially your co-workers. Join and interact with forums relevant to your programming language. That's how I came across this gem, Morrow."

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