The CTO's guide to
React Native for 2023

For CTOs considering or using React Native
- and for the simply curious.

A photo of various devices displaying Sole Retriever app - a mobile app Morrow developed

React Native is the framework of the future and the now

Whether you’re hands-on in code or keep more of an overview of your team’s tech strategy, you’ve probably noticed that theReact Native ecosystem is moving quickly.

It’s evolving from one of many app frameworks to the potential benchmark for app and web development, and everyone’s looking ahead to where it’s going next.

From new architecture and languages to product suites that are unlocking so much of React Native’s potential, there are plenty of changes in the pipeline for 2023. If React Native is on your radar, you’re planning to switch, or if you’re already using it and don’t want to get caught out, you need to know what’s coming and how to start planning for it now.

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