Preparing for a discovery call with Morrow? Here’s what you need to know.

First, we’ll want to find out about your problem so we understand why you’re starting this project and whether we’re a good fit for each other.

Next, we’ll take stock of resources - this is where we talk budget, timings and what’s needed to make your project a success.

Finally, we’ll discuss the next steps, from who needs to sign the project off to when you’re likely to make a decision.

When you get in touch with us about working on your app, the first thing we’ll do is book you in for a free discovery call. Basically, that’s an hour where we find out more about you and your plans for the project, from why you want to build your app to how to proceed if we move onto the next step.

This isn’t about us hitting you with our best sales pitch. You’ve read our Clutch reviews and client testimonials, you don’t need to hear them again from us. The purpose of this call is to work out whether or not we're a good match for each other, because when you're looking for a technical partner that’s every bit as vital as finding the right expertise.

With that in mind, there are three key areas we’ll be asking you questions about. We’ve broken those down here so that you know what to expect and how to get the most out of our time together.

Step 1: Getting to the heart of the challenge

Every discovery call starts in the same place - with the problem you’re setting out to solve. That means getting to grips with the wider business context and opportunities around it, but we also want to dig deeper into the reasons why you’re embarking on this project, whether it’s a new build or updating an existing product.

Is it because you're fired up by sustainability and want to build something that makes a difference? Or have you always been driven mad by a pain point that no one else has managed to solve yet? Here we’re partly stripping back the layers of the onion to find out what your project means to you personally. This will help build a clear picture of what we need to do to make your vision a reality.

Building an app is an intense process, so knowing why you’re starting down that road is every bit as important as what you’re expecting to find at the end.

Step 2: Taking stock of resources

Next, it’s time to talk about the resources that are available to deal with the challenge at hand. Obviously, a big part of that is going to be discussing what your budget is and when that funding is going to be available.

We’ll also chat about different pricing options to find the best way forward, whether that’s fixed-price or something more flexible. We have a pretty open scope, so this is about exploring all the options to make sure you get the most out of your budget with minimal risk.

As well as money, we also want to understand your timescales. When do you hope to start? When does the app need to launch? One of our jobs is to help you set realistic expectations in terms of how long the project will take so that you can plan accordingly.

Finally, we’ll talk about anything else that will contribute to making your project a success. This could be anything from the time you have available to input into the project, the skillsets you already have in your team, or third party software you’re hoping to integrate.

Step 3: Deciding what happens next

Last of all, we want to chat about how you’re going to make your decision on moving forward, whether that’s working with us or not.

We know every company will do their own thing, so this is about making sure we’re all on the same page. Is it a gut decision and you’ll have an answer by tomorrow, or do you have a list of criteria and a formal tender process? Are there other firms you want to speak to first? And who’s ultimately making that call - do you need to get your investors or other partners on board?

Picking out your ideal tech partner is a huge decision, so we get if you need a little more than one call to make it. If you want to talk about going through a more in-depth discovery process or even a trial period, that's what we’re here to explore with you.

Finding the best solution for your business

The discovery call isn’t a commitment to working together, it’s just the first step in the process. Think of it like seeing a doctor. You go to talk through a problem you need solving, and at the end, they give you their expert diagnosis on ways to proceed.

By taking the time to talk through your project and your business, we can understand whether or not we can help bring you success. And you can trust us to be honest if we don't think we’re the right fit for you. We'd rather be straight up and say no than leave you hanging by saying we'll get back to you in a week.

If we all agree to take things further, we’ll book another call and go from there. In the meantime, we'll go away and come up with some ideas tailored to your aims and budget, and take you through those the next time we talk.

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