Being a parent is a full-time job, and sometimes it can be challenging to balance the responsibilities that come with it. For this Mother's Day, we spoke to some new and experienced busy-bee mums about the apps they use that help them stay organised and on top of it all, and made a list of our favourites.

Here are some of the best mobile apps for techie parents in 2023.


Huckleberry is an excellent app for parents with kids up to 5 years old. Developed using pediatric sleep experts and AI, the app allows you to track and log your baby's sleep patterns, feeding times, medication, temperature, diaper changes, activity, and more. 

On top of that, their Sweet Spot feature predicts the next optimal nap time and sends you a notification so you don't get a grumpy baby. Some mums say this app saved them from losing their minds during the first few weeks postpartum!

From a technical point of view, the app looks sleek and has great UX, making it very straightforward and easy to use. No wonder it earned a whopping 4.9/5 star rating on app store!

Huckleberry app is available for free for both Android and iOS.

a screenshot of Huckleberry app
Huckleberry app

Wonder weeks

This one was recommended to us by most mums we spoke to. The Wonder Weeks app has long been a favourite for new parents. It's excellent for when you need that extra help figuring out why your baby might be becoming more clingy, fussy and, in general, behaving differently. It also warns you about any upcoming natural leaps and what to expect, so that you can prepare.

The app gives insight into your baby's fussy phases and what to expect at different stages of their development. You will find suggestions for activities and games, and helpful tips suitable for that specific stage. It also lets you keep track of your baby’s development and learning in a personal journal.

Of course, every baby is different and this may not work for everyone, but it will at least provide some guidance.

You can download Wonder Weeks for £4.99 on Play store or App store.


Kids grow up so fast, and it's hard for family members who live far away not to feel like they’re missing out on special moments. Family holidays, birthdays, and the first day at school or university are significant life events to miss.

PostSnap is an excellent app for parents who want to preserve and share those special memories with family and friends. The app lets you create custom postcards for any occasion printed and sent directly to your chosen address, so you can send your holiday postcards there and then!

You can also upload photos and have them printed or turned into canvases, invitations, greetings cards and more!

If you’re looking for a way to ensure this year’s Christmas card arrives in time, look no further than PostSnap!

The app is available for both Android and iOS and has a 4.8/5 star rating on app store!

A screenshot of Postsnap
Screenshot of PostSnap

Peanut app

The first few months as a new mum can be lonely. Nobody can understand what you’re going through better than other mums, and this is an app that helps you connect with other women like you.

Peanut app is a social community app which provides a safe space for women to connect. You can share your experiences and get advice, join webinars or “pods” - group audio calls, and read useful blogs. You can even connect with mums nearby and make real-life friends!

This app is fantastic for any stage of motherhood: whether you’ve just started your fertility journey or your kids have already grown up, there’s something here for everyone. There are even group therapy sessions available for those who have lost their babies or suffer from postpartum depression.

The app is free to download, but the premium does give you access to more features.

Download Android or iOS.

A screenshot of Peanut app
Peanut app

Cozi Family Organiser

Stress at work, meal prep, remembering birthdays and appointments, grocery shopping and that endless pile of laundry that’s completely taken over the spare bedroom - life with kids does not get easier just because they get older. This is where Cozi app comes in. 

Create shopping lists, sync calendars, send reminders, assign chores, decide what to have for dinner or plan your weekend all in one app. You invite all members of the family to join Cozi, which then lets you share lists, calendars, chore reminders, and other useful bits between yourselves, so you and everyone else know what they're supposed to be doing.

The app's basic version is free, but you will need to pay £28.99 a year for the whole family to use it.

Download Cozi app on App store or Play store.


This app is loved by our whole team, parents or not, and a few of us use a part of our Wellness Pot budget for the yearly subscription. 

Being a parent is challenging, and it’s important not to forget your own mental health. Whether it’s a short meditation, a workout, a morning stretch, a motivational podcast or a sleep story, using Calm is a great way to take a few minutes for yourself. 

The app contains a ton of mindfulness tools, and their sleep stories recorded by well-known soothing voices are fantastic. They even have a kids' section so the whole family can enjoy it! 

Another great feature in the app is the Scene Selector, which means this doubles as a white noise app for babies. A general white noise app was suggested by most mums we spoke to.

We could not fault this app from the technical side either, and it’s even available for businesses, as an employee benefit.

Download Calm here for Android and here for iOS.

A screenshot of Calm app
Calm app

In today's busy world, apps have become a valuable resource for various aspects of life. We use modern technology for many day-to-day tasks, and parenting should not be an exception. Mobile apps can assist with tracking a newborn's development, helping you stay organised, or improving your mental health. Apps provide a convenient and accessible way to manage daily life and support overall well-being. We hope these suggestions make your life a little easier.

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