Today, I’m thrilled to share a new chapter in Morrow’s journey into the world of AI with the launch of Quiz Bot, a new application that uses AI to make creating quizzes quicker, easier, and more fun than before. 

The Birth of Quiz Bot

It all began as a spark of innovation during last year's Hackathon, where our brilliant engineer, Ivan, built the first version of what would eventually become Quiz Bot. As a team, we love a good quiz so it wasn’t long before we were using the prototype internally at company socials. Seeing how much we all enjoyed using it, I decided it was too good to keep to ourselves. That's when I knew we had to develop it into a full-fledged application to share with the world.

Why Quiz Bot?

Quiz Bot harnesses the power of AI to help users craft personalised quizzes on any topic under the sun. Whether you’re looking to test yourself on a subject you’ve been studying, gather insights, or simply challenge your friends to a trivia night, Quiz Bot makes it all possible with just a few clicks. Here’s what makes Quiz Bot stand out:

  • Effortless quiz creation: Input a topic and let the AI do the rest, generating well-crafted questions based on up-to-date and reliable sources.
  • Tailor-made experiences: Customize difficulty levels and the number of questions to suit your specific audience or personal preference.
  • Easy sharing capabilities: Spread the fun by easily sharing your quizzes through various platforms.

How It Works

Getting started with Quiz Bot is straightforward:

  1. Pick your topic: Choose from any subject you like
  2. Customise your quiz: Adjust settings to match the intended challenge and interest.
  3. Quiz generated: now you can take your quiz and or share it with friends or colleague
  4. History: if you create an account on Quiz Bot, you can easily revisit any quiz you previously created or share it 

Our Vision for the Future

At Morrow, we are committed to continuously exploring innovative ways to integrate AI into our products. Quiz Bot is just the beginning, and we’re excited about developing more tools that can enhance everyday tasks and interactions.

If you share our enthusiasm for AI or if you're working on something related, I’d love to hear from you. Let's explore what we can achieve together with AI!

Try out Quiz Bot today, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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