We're starting a new series, "Developer Spotlight", where we chat with developers about their favourite frameworks, libraries, and apps and ask for advice for someone just starting out.

This month, we spoke to Petko, one of Morrow's amazing devs. Petko has worked on brilliant projects, like Ettos, Doo, Inverso, Lyfcycle, DreamLeagues and Bristol Gas.

What's your favourite framework?

"I really love React Native for Web as my go-to framework because it seamlessly blends the familiarity of React Native with web development. It's fantastic for code reuse, meaning I can use the same codebase for web and mobile projects. Plus, I get to stick to a single language (JavaScript or TypeScript) and leverage the incredible support from the React community."

What's your favourite React Native library?

"React-native-reanimated is my absolute favourite React Native library because it revolutionises animations in mobile app development. It delivers unparalleled smoothness and precision, enabling the creation of stunning and complex animations that rival native apps. Its robust gesture recognition capabilities make it a must-have for crafting immersive and interactive user experiences."

What's a must-have for any app developer?

"Knowing Android, iOS, and web development is essential for app developers because it expands their capabilities to develop for multiple platforms, reaching a broader user base. It allows developers to fine-tune user experiences, leverage platform-specific strengths, and tackle issues efficiently, ensuring their apps excel in a competitive and diverse ecosystem."

What's your favourite app?

My favourite app is MyFitnessPal. It helps me stick to my health goals by tracking my weight and food. It's easy to add a specific food item by scanning the barcode, which then finds it in the database. I can also see how my weight fluctuated during the years I've used it and how I progressed.

What advice would you give someone who's just started as a developer?

"Build your own app to practice. Creating an app related to your hobbies can be a rewarding journey. Identify a specific problem or need within your hobby or interest that your app can address. Start with a simple and focused project to avoid overwhelming yourself. Continuously learn and seek feedback, not only from other developers but also from potential users within your hobby community. Remember, the key is to stay motivated, stay patient, and enjoy the process of bringing your passion to life through coding."

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