Welcome to our Developer Spotlight series! This time we spoke to Eduardo, who first got into app development in 2023 because of his love of video games and interest in how they were made. Ed has worked on exciting projects, like Moropo, a testing platform, and MarketLaunch, a marketplace template for Swell.


What's your favourite framework?

"My favourite framework for app development is React Native/Expo.

I don't see myself using other technologies like Xamarin or Ionic. React Native has come to set the basis and future for app development and has no competitor but "raw" native development. I love how it makes things easier, cuts development time drastically, and lets you get prototypes really fast. When someone asks me about app dev, I immediately think about React Native and Expo."

What's your favourite React Native library?

"Hmm, this is a tricky question because there are a lot! But my top libraries are:

  • Wix's react-native-navigation for navigation is the easiest to use and well-designed.
  • As an AR passionate, I now see Azesmway's react-native-unity as a must-have, completely replacing Viro and Sceneform."

What's a must-have for any app developer?

"After working with Moropo, I learned that an app developer must understand clean code and good practices and invest in a Mac; those machines pay for themselves.

  • Eduardo's tip: Read the twelve-factor app methodology and clean code architecture."

What's your favourite app?

"This may sound unexpected, but I use the build-in Apple Notes app a lot. The continuity features are so powerful. I tried to replace it with Evernote, Notion etc, but I always find myself back in Notes. Never step away from simple apps, sometimes that's what you need."

What advice would you give someone who's just started as a developer?

"Newbies should never give up and understand that tech constantly evolves. Do not try to get the world on the first day. By practising, you'll master app development! Slow but solid steps, one at a time. It may sound repetitive, but that way, we learn."

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