UX Design and
Product Strategy

On-point digital product consultation to entice customers, delight users and retain essential brand advocates.

Like it or not, the Ubers and Deliveroos of this world have instigated a step-change in user expectations. Nowadays, the bar is sky-high, and those that don’t make the grade suffer the consequences.

A user interface is like visiting a new city. Navigation should be straightforward and evident, whether your destination is a 5-star hotel or the local recycling centre.

At Morrow, we collaborate with clients to understand their user frustrations and KPI ambitions. Then, using industry-honed techniques and “been there, done that” common sense, we distil those intentions into actionable insights and robust product plans.

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Product Value Optimisation

Fast-tracking users to that ‘a-ha’ moment.

Tech is exciting, and it’s easy to effuse about the problem your product solves. But unfortunately, passion can skew perception, resulting in feature blindspots, lost opportunities and disappointed users.

Value optimisation is an analytical process that pairs marketing techniques with the broader business context. Morrow can help you take a step back and uncover quicker routes to “a-ha”.

Together, let’s identify and improve:

  • Net Promoter Scores

  • User time to the first value

  • Low-value features or distractions

  • Alignment with company mission

  • Opportunities for ‘stickiness’

UX Design and Wireframing

Planning a considered interface

Brilliance does not come in the first instance. Architects, painters and, in this instance, UX designers all use iteration to arrive - step-by-step - at a better solution.

Morrow uses the humble wireframe as a digital, living and breathing assembly of evidence-based creative app designs. Using Figma, we create a place to see, challenge and collaborate on your app design as it evolves into a considered and thoughtful user interface.

We can help you:

  • Use red routing and flow mapping to quantify user journies

  • Produce Figma wireframes and rough sketches to capture the essence of your app

  • Implement UI principles such as Hick’s law

  • See how competitor apps succeed

  • Experiment with ways to inject joy into the customer experience

Prototyping and User Testing

Validation and corroboration

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. But how about first contact with our friends? App development can be costly and time-consuming, so validating an app design before writing any code is essential. And prototyping allows us to do precisely that.

By building a cut-down version of the app, we can cost-effectively validate many critical assumptions, including user flows, feature layouts and even customer adoption rates.

Morrow has the power to:

  • Create animated clickable prototypes directly in Figma

  • Gather feedback from third-party user testing services

  • Demo proposed features to your team for feedback

  • Ensure designs are accessible and compliant

  • Showcase process to key stakeholders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How in-depth should a UX design process be?

A. That depends on several factors; timeline and impact are primary considerations. For example, a stripped-down wireframe-only process could work if you need to launch quickly to take advantage of market conditions. However, if your app has a large user base, it would be risky to push significant new features without ensuring they will land well. Where practical, budget for additional UX effort to support any accessibility requirements identified during user persona research.

Q. Will you design my logo/font/colours too?

A. In short, no. UX design and graphic design are very different disciplines; we recommend using a specialist brand consultant to create a guidelines document that tells other designers how to use your brand. We will then use this guideline to produce completed designs for your app. If you’d like some recommendations for brand consultants, please drop us a message.

Q. Is UX design necessary? Could we skip straight to development?

A. Great apps don’t happen by accident. Unfortunately, users tend to gloss over ‘good’ and only notice ‘bad’ or ‘phenomenal’. The closer you can get to the latter, the better. For any product looking to achieve more than a barebones MVP, you should be going through a considered design process to maximise your chances of success.

Q. Who carried out this type of work at Morrow? Aren’t you mostly developers?

A. We’re a multi-disciplinary team featuring developers, designers, consultants and project managers. Our in-house UX team is trained across various research and design techniques and carries out most tasks. Occasionally we bring in third-party help for niched assignments, for example, sourcing members of the public for user testing.

Q.What happens at the end of the design process?

A. You may decide to build your app with your in-house or outsourced team. That’s completely fine if you choose to do that. Alternatively, most clients enjoy the Morrow experience so much they elect for us to take them to the next step. If you have complex technology requirements, check out our Full Stack Technical Strategy service; otherwise, explore Multi-Platform App Development.